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Kind Words From a Customer LP Folsom

August 13th, 2016 by

Artwork is always a challenge as no two pieces are the same.  At Folsom Pak Mail I do not use off-the-shelf boxes to ship artwork.  My experience is the foam inserts move, resulting in damaged art pieces.  So while a little more expensive, I custom pack each piece of art.  The custom packing means each part of the packing fits exactly right and as I pack, I make adjustments to ensure the artwork is protected.  I originally packed the artwork in styrofoam and corrugated cardboard.  Normally this works well but the length and width of the painting along with the frame depth created a depression in the middle.  So I repacked the painting at no additional cost to the customer.

I built a wooden crate to house the artwork.  This took the weight from 18 lbs to 79 lbs.  But I was assured the artwork would be protected as the wood did not compress.  And because of the dimensional weight pricing factor, it cost no more to ship.

My decision was proven correct in two ways: First, the artwork arrived in pristine condition.  Secondly, the customer’s son (the recipient of this artwork) had this to say.

Kevin –

The painting arrived at its destination last Thursday in perfect shape. My son’s comment was, “he knows what he is doing”.




To see the LP Artwork and LP Crate click here and here.


February 12th, 2016 by

Internet returns continue to increase and so do return problems. The purpose of this article is to help keep your return shipping costs to a minimum.


Just because you get free shipping does not mean you get a pre-paid return. Look for the return policy before you make a purchase and make sure you understand if the return is prepaid. Many online retailers say they will provide a return label. That may not be a prepaid label. It may just provide the return address.

If the online retailer does not offer free returns, ask if they will send a prepaid label and bill your retail account. Many online retailers have contracts with UPS, FedEx, and USPS that are specific to their products’ shipping boxes. They get a substantial discount in exchange for agreeing to shipping a minimum of packages annually. Your return contributes to them getting to that minimum. It will substantially reduce your return shipping costs versus paying retail shipping rates.

If the online retailer will not cooperate regarding the prepaid label, ask if you can return the product in a box or package other than the one you received. Again, their contract gives them a discounted rate.

And online retailers are famous for putting a small product in a large box. When you pay to return the product, you are paying for the space of the large box. Carriers now charge by weight or the space a package takes up, whichever number is higher. This substantially increases your shipping cost.


Where is the product coming from? More products come from international shippers. That means your return is an international shipment. International shipping is more expensive than a domestic shipment. The shipping time is also much longer. It may cause you to miss your return deadline even though you mailed it promptly. Lastly, the online retailer may refuse to pay the incoming taxes/duties associated with your return. Your return sits in customs. Eventually it comes back. This is exactly what you don’t want.


Protect your return with packing. All the carriers use more automation to sort packages. Conveyor belts transport packages not only from one end of the building to the other, but up several stories to other sorting floors. Robotic arms push packages from one side of the belt to the other with force. Openings become clogged and packages pile up behind blocked openings. Just imagine the airport luggage carousel on steroids. The packages piling up fall off the conveyor belt. At the very least the fall is a minimum of 3 feet. If it is going to a second story sorting facility the fall qualifies as sky diving. The result is the fall damages your return or the package pile up crushes your return. Either way, your return is now damaged and you won’t probably receive a credit.

We see more packages damaged by other packages leaking. While you are not guilty of wrongdoing, your package is none-the-less damaged and non-returnable. Pack you return to protect against

Michele McCormick – Photographer

November 19th, 2015 by

One of the satisfactions at PakMail is assisting a photographer pack and ship their photographs to galleries, shows,and customers. I often hear the story behind the picture.  There is so much behind a photograph.

Michele has shipped many photographs with PakMail and has several on our exhibit wall. I invite you to visit her website at and to also look at her photographs next time you visit Folsom PakMail.

Packing and shipping artwork and sculptures

September 27th, 2015 by

Business seems to run in cycles and this summer the cycle was artwork and sculptures. One example is the packing I did for Kritika Bala, a local Folsom artist selected to display her work in London, England.  The challenge was to pack the canvas oil paintings in a way that Customs could easily inspect the contents and put it back together for continued shipping.  Likewise, I had to take into consideration the art gallery personnel and Kritika when they unpacked and repacked the artwork.  Here is what Kritika posted on Facebook in early July.

“As preparation for the Parallax Art Fair (July 25, 26th in London) heats up, a quick shout out to Mr Kevin Fields of Folsom PakMail ( for some incredible art work packaging!!

Kevin has a LOT of experience with shipping art work and working with artists. He offered me tons of information, lots of shipping & packaging options and then also made these boxes for my art work – one double-box per painting, bubble wrapped and velcro-ed, and also image stickers on each box so I know which piece goes in which box. I expect this is going to make hanging and tear down day super easy.

I highly recommend Folsom PakMail and Mr. Fields for any art work shipping (or any shipping at all)!!

(and YAY for local Folsom businesses!!!)”

Her link is .  Thank you Kritika for the opportunity to be of service.

Here is the link for Tom Boardman’s kinetic art sculpture  The challenge to packing this sculpture is it ships complete and the turning wheels must be secured and protected.  The short version is we secure the wheels, support them with inches-thick styrofoam, build a styrofoam box around it and then a wooden crate.  It ships UPS or FedEx Ground.  Here is a link to Tom’s general website

I encourage you to visit both websites.  You will be very impressed with their artistic abilities.


Lower Priority Rates With USPS (US Mail)

July 4th, 2015 by

Folsom PakMail is committed to offering our customers reliable and price-competitive shipping options.  A recent addition is the USPS Regional Box service.  The boxes are like flat rate boxes in several ways.  There are 3 sizes with side and top-loading boxes.  Each class (A, B, or C) has a weight limit (15, 20, and 25, respectively).  The shorter the distance you ship, the greater the discount.  They often beat the Flat Rate Boxes and are sized to what most people ship.

We have been testing the Regional Boxes for several months and have seen, on average, a 15-20% cost-savings for our customers.  Local Post Offices do not offer this product, so stop by Folsom PakMail and save on your USPS shipping.

Understanding why UPS & FedEx shipping costs went up and how to avoid paying too much.

March 13th, 2015 by

UPS and FedEx began applying dimensional weight algorithms to all package sizes at the beginning of the year.  What does this mean to you?  It used to be that weight was the primary driver for shipping costs.  Then it shifted on the larger boxes to size and weight.  For example, you could pay the same to ship a box of feathers as you would heavy metal if the box exceeded a certain size.  Today, every package is weighed and measured.  Based on the dimensional algorithm, if the dimensional number exceeds the actual weight, you will be charged the dimensional number as the weight.  As a result, you could be charged shipping 6 lbs for a 1 lb box.

Part of the reason for this shift in pricing is to compensate for the high volume of boxes being shipped (and returned) by internet shoppers.  Many times we receive a large box for a small item.  The large box takes up space, which used to reduce the revenue opportunity for the carrier in the pod, plane, or truck.  As a result, they lost money.  No more.

To avoid paying dimensional weight it is important to pack the box as compactly as possible.  That is where I come in.  I am trained in packing and have a large inventory of boxes available to ensure you pay as little as possible for shipping.  Don’t pay to ship air.

Additionally, I have multiple carriers, including the USPS, which gives you options to ship.  For example, USPS has some classes of service and sizes that dimensional weight does not apply.  And FedEx Express and USPS have flat rate boxes available.

At the very least, bring your shipment in for me to measure and weigh.  I will give you options.  Then you can decide if you want to ship.

Let Folsom PakMail pack your box and save you money!

October 22nd, 2012 by

A customer came to Folsom PakMail with a box containing a stage backdrop curtain.  Weight: 70 lbs.  Box size 30 x 30 x 30. Cost to ship: $181.

We suggested letting us re-pack the curtain.  We were able to re-fold the curtain and put it into a 20 x 20 x 20 box.  Weight: Still 70 lbs.
Cost to ship: $71.  The customer saved $110!

Let us do what we do best.  Pack and ship!

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