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Kudos to the USPS in Missouri

January 18th, 2017 by

A Folsom Pak Mail customer mailed a package via USPS Priority Mail to Germany. I track all international packages to ensure they don’t wind up in the wrong place. Well, this package went to Missouri. Actually it was going in circles between a small town and the St. Louis sort center. I called the small town post office and reached a very helpful USPS employee. He searched the database (all mail is visually scanned and an image is maintained) and saw the problem. Evidently another package’s bar code “copied” onto the Germany package. With today’s automation, the scanners were seeing the copied bar code and sending it to the small post office in Missouri. The scanners in the local post office did not recognize the address and immediately sent it back to the St. Louis sort center. Round and round it went. The local USPS employee put an “interrupt” message in the system so the scanner would kick the package out for human intervention. An USPS employee inked out the copied bar code and the package was on its way to Germany. Today I heard the Germany relatives received their Christmas present.

We all have choices regarding shipping. And the biggest differentiation between me and my competitors is I look out for my customers. I am not one to brag but I will go the extra mile for you.

Thanks to my customers for your business.

Box Going To 3-year Old Cancer Survivor

November 27th, 2016 by

On July 31st we shipped artwork created by a local artist.  See Artwork for a Cancer Patient.  It was sent to Ben, a 3-year old fighting cancer.  Now the same artist boxed up a lot of small gifts and we shipped the box.  Below is an image of the opened box.  On the left is a super hero (Ben’s favorite) advent calendar.

Once again I thank the artist for the opportunity to be of service and thank her for reminding me of the true meaning of the holiday season.




Kind Words From a Customer LP Folsom

August 13th, 2016 by

Artwork is always a challenge as no two pieces are the same.  At Folsom Pak Mail I do not use off-the-shelf boxes to ship artwork.  My experience is the foam inserts move, resulting in damaged art pieces.  So while a little more expensive, I custom pack each piece of art.  The custom packing means each part of the packing fits exactly right and as I pack, I make adjustments to ensure the artwork is protected.  I originally packed the artwork in styrofoam and corrugated cardboard.  Normally this works well but the length and width of the painting along with the frame depth created a depression in the middle.  So I repacked the painting at no additional cost to the customer.

I built a wooden crate to house the artwork.  This took the weight from 18 lbs to 79 lbs.  But I was assured the artwork would be protected as the wood did not compress.  And because of the dimensional weight pricing factor, it cost no more to ship.

My decision was proven correct in two ways: First, the artwork arrived in pristine condition.  Secondly, the customer’s son (the recipient of this artwork) had this to say.

Kevin –

The painting arrived at its destination last Thursday in perfect shape. My son’s comment was, “he knows what he is doing”.




To see the LP Artwork and LP Crate click here and here.

Artwork For Cancer Patient

July 31st, 2016 by

Folsom Pak Mail packs and ships a lot of artwork.  Some artwork has a special story behind it.  This is one of those stories.

One of our customers called and explained they had drawn a Batman picture for a little boy named Ben.  Ben is a 3 year old super hero fan fighting kidney cancer. See Ben’s Superheroes.

We were pleased our customer chose Folsom Pak Mail to pack and ship this encouraging gift.  While the artist wishes to remain anonymous, we want to recognize her for her compassion and artistic skill.  Below is the artwork.

With all that is going wrong in the world, it is uplifting to see and participate in such a kind act.

Superhero Ben



The artist contacted me and shared the following link with me.  It takes you to an article about Ben.  It is nice to see the artist’s work was featured in the article.  Ben’s Article


Kind Words From A Customer

July 23rd, 2016 by

Customers visit the Folsom Pak Mail website and request quotes to pack and ship household goods. We frequently win the business. Here is a comment from a recent customer.

Kevin. I really want to thank you for all of your help. This was a pretty difficult move because I had to relocate my father-in-law from the bay area to Minot North Dakota and then I was responsible for getting his belongings there. Thank you so much for all of your help you made it so much easier. JCB-Folsom area


April 14th, 2016 by

A customer stopped by the other day and asked if they could ship a box of chicks (as in baby chicks) to my store  The delivery required a signature and they wanted to make sure the chicks were delivered immediately rather than riding the mail truck all day. I said “Of course. I am here to be of service.”

To the US Mail’s credit, the chicks, shipped by USPS Express Mail, arrived the next morning shortly after I opened. A tip of the hat to the local Folsom Post Office for ensuring the chicks were delivered immediately. I signed for the chicks and called the customer. The customer came a short time later but in the meantime my customers and I were serenaded by a chick chorus.

I share this story to emphasize that Folsom Pak Mail is here to be of service. We accept all deliveries and will work with you to ensure you satisfaction.

Below is a picture of the chick box.



Packing and shipping artwork and sculptures

September 27th, 2015 by

Business seems to run in cycles and this summer the cycle was artwork and sculptures. One example is the packing I did for Kritika Bala, a local Folsom artist selected to display her work in London, England.  The challenge was to pack the canvas oil paintings in a way that Customs could easily inspect the contents and put it back together for continued shipping.  Likewise, I had to take into consideration the art gallery personnel and Kritika when they unpacked and repacked the artwork.  Here is what Kritika posted on Facebook in early July.

“As preparation for the Parallax Art Fair (July 25, 26th in London) heats up, a quick shout out to Mr Kevin Fields of Folsom PakMail ( for some incredible art work packaging!!

Kevin has a LOT of experience with shipping art work and working with artists. He offered me tons of information, lots of shipping & packaging options and then also made these boxes for my art work – one double-box per painting, bubble wrapped and velcro-ed, and also image stickers on each box so I know which piece goes in which box. I expect this is going to make hanging and tear down day super easy.

I highly recommend Folsom PakMail and Mr. Fields for any art work shipping (or any shipping at all)!!

(and YAY for local Folsom businesses!!!)”

Her link is .  Thank you Kritika for the opportunity to be of service.

Here is the link for Tom Boardman’s kinetic art sculpture  The challenge to packing this sculpture is it ships complete and the turning wheels must be secured and protected.  The short version is we secure the wheels, support them with inches-thick styrofoam, build a styrofoam box around it and then a wooden crate.  It ships UPS or FedEx Ground.  Here is a link to Tom’s general website

I encourage you to visit both websites.  You will be very impressed with their artistic abilities.


Comments made at the counter

February 7th, 2013 by

Mailbox Holder: “I really appreciate the email notification when I get first class mail or a package.  Not that I don’t want to see you but it saves me stopping by every day to see if I have mail.”

Faxing: “My mother told me I had to come to Folsom PakMail because you have the best rates.  I doubted her but now that I am here I see that you do!”

Scan-to-email: “I appreciate you recommended scanning to email rather than a fax.  It was less expensive and faster.

Ebay Shipper: “The other day you helped me understand my shipping options and even taped my box.  I thanked you for your help and took the box to the post office to ship because I felt they were cheaper.  When I saw the box needed additional tape, they told me I had to purchase the tape.  I went to the post office to save money but the shipment cost me $510 because I purchased the tape and then backed into someone in the parking lot.  The next shipment I went to another shipping store.  They told me how much the shipment would cost but then informed me they didn’t have the right box, so they put it in a larger box.  My shipping costs went up!  So here I am back at Folsom PakMail where, if you don’t have the right box, you will make it for me to keep my shipping costs reasonable.”

Shipping Works of Art

January 22nd, 2013 by

Folsom PakMail was recently asked to pack and ship two terra cotta statues to New Jersey.  Terra cotta is an extremely fragile clay material.  We weighed (70 lbs each) and measured (48x12x12) the statues and talked to several carriers (UPS/FedEx/less-than-full-load carriers) regarding how they handled this type of shipment.  We decided against the less-than-full-load truck lines out of concern regarding the use of forklifts and the risk of  dropping the shipment.  We were also concerned that in a freight truck our shipment would be a smaller skid and stacked on top of others, increasing the risk of it falling.

Continuing that logic we decided to use a ground carrier where the shipment was at the top of size and weight limits  At 70 lbs it induced the driver to use a dolly to move the statues.  Their size and weight also guaranteed they were among the bigger packages in the truck, meaning they would be placed on the bottom of the stack (reducing risk of falls) and due to their weight, moved less.

Knowing this, we packed the statues in a double box.  The inner box was single-walled and lined with 2-inch styrofoam to create a barrier around the statue.  The statue fit tight in the box. We put foam between the statue and the box to prevent scratching of the glaze finish.  We filled the empty space with peanuts to further prevent movement.  We packed the inner box in a second box.  It was a double-walled box with 2-inches of peanuts surrounding the inner box.  This absorbed the shocks of movement.  The thick-walled outer box could bear the weight of several hundred pounds of boxes stacked on top while also protecting it from cuts resulting for the sharp edges of the truck’s inner wheel well.

Folsom PakMail takes pictures of each step of packing.  This process helps in claims processing but also provides our clients with pictorial evidence of the quality of packing.

Contact us if you want to discuss shipping artwork that arrives in pristine condition.


Let Folsom PakMail pack your box and save you money!

October 22nd, 2012 by

A customer came to Folsom PakMail with a box containing a stage backdrop curtain.  Weight: 70 lbs.  Box size 30 x 30 x 30. Cost to ship: $181.

We suggested letting us re-pack the curtain.  We were able to re-fold the curtain and put it into a 20 x 20 x 20 box.  Weight: Still 70 lbs.
Cost to ship: $71.  The customer saved $110!

Let us do what we do best.  Pack and ship!

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