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Kind Words From a Customer LP Folsom

August 13th, 2016 by

Artwork is always a challenge as no two pieces are the same.  At Folsom Pak Mail I do not use off-the-shelf boxes to ship artwork.  My experience is the foam inserts move, resulting in damaged art pieces.  So while a little more expensive, I custom pack each piece of art.  The custom packing means each part of the packing fits exactly right and as I pack, I make adjustments to ensure the artwork is protected.  I originally packed the artwork in styrofoam and corrugated cardboard.  Normally this works well but the length and width of the painting along with the frame depth created a depression in the middle.  So I repacked the painting at no additional cost to the customer.

I built a wooden crate to house the artwork.  This took the weight from 18 lbs to 79 lbs.  But I was assured the artwork would be protected as the wood did not compress.  And because of the dimensional weight pricing factor, it cost no more to ship.

My decision was proven correct in two ways: First, the artwork arrived in pristine condition.  Secondly, the customer’s son (the recipient of this artwork) had this to say.

Kevin –

The painting arrived at its destination last Thursday in perfect shape. My son’s comment was, “he knows what he is doing”.




To see the LP Artwork and LP Crate click here and here.

Packing and shipping artwork and sculptures

September 27th, 2015 by

Business seems to run in cycles and this summer the cycle was artwork and sculptures. One example is the packing I did for Kritika Bala, a local Folsom artist selected to display her work in London, England.  The challenge was to pack the canvas oil paintings in a way that Customs could easily inspect the contents and put it back together for continued shipping.  Likewise, I had to take into consideration the art gallery personnel and Kritika when they unpacked and repacked the artwork.  Here is what Kritika posted on Facebook in early July.

“As preparation for the Parallax Art Fair (July 25, 26th in London) heats up, a quick shout out to Mr Kevin Fields of Folsom PakMail ( for some incredible art work packaging!!

Kevin has a LOT of experience with shipping art work and working with artists. He offered me tons of information, lots of shipping & packaging options and then also made these boxes for my art work – one double-box per painting, bubble wrapped and velcro-ed, and also image stickers on each box so I know which piece goes in which box. I expect this is going to make hanging and tear down day super easy.

I highly recommend Folsom PakMail and Mr. Fields for any art work shipping (or any shipping at all)!!

(and YAY for local Folsom businesses!!!)”

Her link is .  Thank you Kritika for the opportunity to be of service.

Here is the link for Tom Boardman’s kinetic art sculpture  The challenge to packing this sculpture is it ships complete and the turning wheels must be secured and protected.  The short version is we secure the wheels, support them with inches-thick styrofoam, build a styrofoam box around it and then a wooden crate.  It ships UPS or FedEx Ground.  Here is a link to Tom’s general website

I encourage you to visit both websites.  You will be very impressed with their artistic abilities.


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