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Kudos to the USPS in Missouri

January 18th, 2017 by

A Folsom Pak Mail customer mailed a package via USPS Priority Mail to Germany. I track all international packages to ensure they don’t wind up in the wrong place. Well, this package went to Missouri. Actually it was going in circles between a small town and the St. Louis sort center. I called the small town post office and reached a very helpful USPS employee. He searched the database (all mail is visually scanned and an image is maintained) and saw the problem. Evidently another package’s bar code “copied” onto the Germany package. With today’s automation, the scanners were seeing the copied bar code and sending it to the small post office in Missouri. The scanners in the local post office did not recognize the address and immediately sent it back to the St. Louis sort center. Round and round it went. The local USPS employee put an “interrupt” message in the system so the scanner would kick the package out for human intervention. An USPS employee inked out the copied bar code and the package was on its way to Germany. Today I heard the Germany relatives received their Christmas present.

We all have choices regarding shipping. And the biggest differentiation between me and my competitors is I look out for my customers. I am not one to brag but I will go the extra mile for you.

Thanks to my customers for your business.

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