Lower Priority Rates With USPS (US Mail)

July 4th, 2015 by

Folsom PakMail is committed to offering our customers reliable and price-competitive shipping options.  A recent addition is the USPS Regional Box service.  The boxes are like flat rate boxes in several ways.  There are 3 sizes with side and top-loading boxes.  Each class (A, B, or C) has a weight limit (15, 20, and 25, respectively).  The shorter the distance you ship, the greater the discount.  They often beat the Flat Rate Boxes and are sized to what most people ship.

We have been testing the Regional Boxes for several months and have seen, on average, a 15-20% cost-savings for our customers.  Local Post Offices do not offer this product, so stop by Folsom PakMail and save on your USPS shipping.