Comments made at the counter

February 7th, 2013 by

Mailbox Holder: “I really appreciate the email notification when I get first class mail or a package.  Not that I don’t want to see you but it saves me stopping by every day to see if I have mail.”

Faxing: “My mother told me I had to come to Folsom PakMail because you have the best rates.  I doubted her but now that I am here I see that you do!”

Scan-to-email: “I appreciate you recommended scanning to email rather than a fax.  It was less expensive and faster.

Ebay Shipper: “The other day you helped me understand my shipping options and even taped my box.  I thanked you for your help and took the box to the post office to ship because I felt they were cheaper.  When I saw the box needed additional tape, they told me I had to purchase the tape.  I went to the post office to save money but the shipment cost me $510 because I purchased the tape and then backed into someone in the parking lot.  The next shipment I went to another shipping store.  They told me how much the shipment would cost but then informed me they didn’t have the right box, so they put it in a larger box.  My shipping costs went up!  So here I am back at Folsom PakMail where, if you don’t have the right box, you will make it for me to keep my shipping costs reasonable.”