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January 22nd, 2013 by

Folsom PakMail was recently asked to pack and ship two terra cotta statues to New Jersey.  Terra cotta is an extremely fragile clay material.  We weighed (70 lbs each) and measured (48x12x12) the statues and talked to several carriers (UPS/FedEx/less-than-full-load carriers) regarding how they handled this type of shipment.  We decided against the less-than-full-load truck lines out of concern regarding the use of forklifts and the risk of  dropping the shipment.  We were also concerned that in a freight truck our shipment would be a smaller skid and stacked on top of others, increasing the risk of it falling.

Continuing that logic we decided to use a ground carrier where the shipment was at the top of size and weight limits  At 70 lbs it induced the driver to use a dolly to move the statues.  Their size and weight also guaranteed they were among the bigger packages in the truck, meaning they would be placed on the bottom of the stack (reducing risk of falls) and due to their weight, moved less.

Knowing this, we packed the statues in a double box.  The inner box was single-walled and lined with 2-inch styrofoam to create a barrier around the statue.  The statue fit tight in the box. We put foam between the statue and the box to prevent scratching of the glaze finish.  We filled the empty space with peanuts to further prevent movement.  We packed the inner box in a second box.  It was a double-walled box with 2-inches of peanuts surrounding the inner box.  This absorbed the shocks of movement.  The thick-walled outer box could bear the weight of several hundred pounds of boxes stacked on top while also protecting it from cuts resulting for the sharp edges of the truck’s inner wheel well.

Folsom PakMail takes pictures of each step of packing.  This process helps in claims processing but also provides our clients with pictorial evidence of the quality of packing.

Contact us if you want to discuss shipping artwork that arrives in pristine condition.


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