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Mailbox Rental - Folsom Pak Mail

Rent a Private Mailbox in Folsom, CA

Mailboxes, PO Boxes Folsom

Here are the top reasons customers tell us they rent a private mailbox at Folsom PakMail:

Privacy for home-based businesses

It used to be that a home-based business wanted a private mailbox to establish a commercial address.  While that continues to be a benefit, the bigger benefit is privacy. With Google maps and other map search engines, anyone can find your home, view it via a satellite image, and show up on your door step.  A private mail box address ensures your privacy.  

Package delivery

We all shop on the internet.  Packages are left on the doorstep.  Packages are taken from the doorstep. Thieves are following delivery trucks and taking packages in broad daylight.  While you may have a security system that captures the theft on video, your package contents are often already sold on Ebay or a pawn shop.

A private mailbox provides the security of a commercial building.  And being a commercial address means the package either requires a signature or is at least tracked to our address.  Folsom PakMail scans each trackable package into our system and signs each package out to the mailbox holder.  There is a complete custody chain.

Folsom PakMail accepts packages from all carriers.  UPS, USPS, FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, GSO, DHL, Ontrac, Sierra, and private carriers.  

It's a little off subject, but we have several landlords that give renters the option of walking their rent checks to the mailbox.  Folsom PakMail accepts the payment in an envelope addressed to the landlord.  We mark the envelope with the day and time of acceptance, and sign it.  That eliminates disputes regarding when the rent was paid. There is a small fee for this service.


You won't know this until we tell you, but Folsom PakMail notifies you via text or email when you receive First Class Mail or a package.  The convenience is that you don't have to check your mailbox each day.  Folsom PakMail will notify you when it is worth your time to stop and get the mail.  As a courtesy, Folsom PakMail offers free shredding to our maibox holders of mailbox contents.  In other words, you can discard that credit card offer knowing it will be shredded.  

Prevent mail theft

Unfortunately, mail theft is increasing.  Mail is stolen not only for the checks but for the information to build an identity.  Our private mailboxes provide the protection you need.

It works for outbound mail also.  Folsom PakMail offers an USPS mail drop off.  Just stop by.  USPS mail pick up is around 11AM each day (give or take a little based on mail volume).

Wine club delivery

Wine delivery requires an adult signature.  If an adult is not available, your wine rides around the rest of the day in the delivery truck, spends the night at the carrier's terminal, and rides again to your home (3 attempts is usually the maximum).  Nothing does a wine bottle better than riding for several days in a delivery truck at 90+ degrees.  Just kidding.  At that point, it becomes undrinkable.  

Folsom PakMail, being a commercial delivery, gets delivery earlier in the day (residences are later).  All employees are over 21.  Therefore, your wine is delivered and signed for on the first day.  As mentioned earlier, we will email or text you that you have a package.  If you tell us it is important, we will word the text or email so you know specifically that you have wine waiting for you.  Some folks have their priorities.

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