Folsom PakMail offers customers a way to save 30% on UPS and FedEx Ground shipping.  This is the shipping category that experienced up to a 30% increase in shipping costs on January 1, 2015, due to dimensional weight pricing.  See my article about it for further explantion.

Customers receive a Preferred Shipper card.  Each time you ship UPS or FedEx Ground, you card is punched. After 2 punches you receive a 30% discount on the next FedEx or UPS Ground shipment.  Folsom PakMail is flexible in that we don't make you use it on your "third" shipment but suggest you save it for your next large shipment.  We also will give you a new card and you can consolidate cards if you forget to bring your card with you.


Cannot combine the 10% coupon with the Preferred Shipper Program.